About TheraPlate UK

TheraPlateUK are the exclusive UK distributors of a well-loved US-born brand. They offer a range of rehabilitation and performance enhancing equipment utilising unique Zone Vortex Wave therapy. Primarily targeting the equestrian market, their designs are shown to be actually effective on smaller animals as well as humans. Athletes and those suffering joint issues such as arthritis would see benefits from use.

Unlike vibration therapy, the cyclical patterns of the TheraPlate design are not detrimental to existing conditions and have been found to benefit a range of physical and mental issues including various bone and joint issues, performance, cardiovascular and neurological effects. Supported by veterinarians and trainers across numerous areas such as racing, dressage, eventers and beyond, TheraPlate is a staple amongst those looking to maintain their senior and rising stars alike.

TheraPlate UK

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Our Range of Products

  • TheraPlate K21

    TheraPlate K21


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  • TheraPlate K12

    TheraPlate K12


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  • TheraPlate K6

    TheraPlate K6


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  • TheraPlate K4

    TheraPlate K4


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  • TheraPlate Ramps

    TheraPlate Ramps


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  • TheraPlate Portable Side Rails

    TheraPlate Portable Side Rails


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  • TheraPlate Portable Stocks

    TheraPlate Portable Stocks


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  • Three Week Trial

    3 Week Trial


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