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Established originally in 1992, is an award winning leading player in the equestrian industry and we’re known for our innovative and professional approach to delivering horse & rider products throughout its community.

Today is one of the most influential online equestrian retailers in the world stocking thousands of products for horse and rider from premium brands and suppliers. Catch up with all the latest news and advice on the Equestrian Buzz pages and watch out for great deals and offers on the clearance section.

with CEO Lorraine Meadowcroft

CEO of a leading online retailer, Lorraine Meadowcroft certainly knows how to make an impact in the business world.  Owner of the award-winning company, Lorraine has seen her pioneering firm escalate into an online phenomenon, which has changed the face of equestrian Internet retailing, as we know it. Here we talk to Lorraine and find out about her lifelong love of horses, her will to win and how she has carved her career path from delivering local election leaflets to highly successful business woman and now title and Grand Prix sponsor of the Liverpool CSI**** International Horse Show.

lorraine meadowcroft

Lorraine Meadowcroft

LISH: What is your earliest horsey memory?
LM: When I was around four-years-old we hadn’t a proper bathroom, so it was easier for my Mum to bathe me in the kitchen sink on an evening before bed. I used to look out of the window and about this time the local show jumper used to ride by on her large grey horse, on occasions my father used to stop her so I could have a sit on it, and my desire to ride and jump horses started.

LISH: What is your proudest moment?
LM: I only ever had a liking for red rosettes, blue of course for Pony Club! I had so many as a junior to be proud of. In business I still chase the red ones and taking my business from selling out of a car boot to becoming BETA Internet Retailer of the Year must be up there as one of my greatest achievements.  Similarly sponsoring the Hickstead Derby and our latest support of the Liverpool International Horse Show are both providing very rewarding and also exciting all at the same time.

LISH: If you had to pick an alternative career, what would it be?
LM: Politics ... In my 20’s I found I had a passion for two things, horses and politics and spent a number of years as a political activist and candidate.

LISH: If you could own any current top show jumping horse, who would it be?
LM: After watching Trevor Breen jump Classic 11 at the Horse of the Year Show last year, I think this is a dream team in the making and I’ll be following their career together. As for a top horse, it must be Hello Sanctos; following him around the world on the Global Champions Tour would be a great buzz!

LISH: Aside from the Hickstead Derby Meeting, which other horse shows do you most love visiting?
LM: I go to numerous events throughout the season as either a guest or a sponsor but rarely these days go to any for pleasure. However I always find myself at Bramham Horse Trials every year, which is relatively local to us. I love the setting, the atmosphere and can’t wait to be sitting above that main ring sharing pork and apple roll and a jug of Pimms with family and friends. A perfect end to the Saturday event is watching the Six Bar.

LISH: Describe your perfect night out
LM: When I’m home I like to spend Saturday evenings with my youngest daughter and her new baby Theia, veg’ing on her big soft sofa, watching X Factor or The Voice eating take out and chocolate!

LISH: Favourite holiday destination
LM: I’ve normally too much on to take holidays and I travel quite a bit with work and love being home when the sun shines. A few years ago I went to Pisa in Italy with the girls, travelling to a number of places like Florence and Luca.  The sun shone, it was all green, the people were pleasant but the history was amazing and I do prefer to mix sightseeing with the pool.

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